St. Frances Cabrini Parish

Springfield, Illinois

Liturgical Ministries

  What is Worship?

 Worship is an expression of our love and reverence, honor and adoration of our good and gracious God through various communal actions – which are called LITURGIES.

The Mass is a Eucharistic Celebration – it is the central liturgical experience of the Roman Catholic Church.

What are Liturgical Ministries?

As in any gathering of people, liturgy demands an active participation by all present. The actions and involvement of all us together make our worship precious in the eyes of God. Those people who have been called and have responded to God’s Call to serve at our communal celebrations of worship are called Liturgical Ministers – Servants of Prayer. Those who serve are given a sacred trust by the community they serve. Those who prepare for, and minister at the Liturgy are entrusted with sacred moments when we, the people who are theSt. Cabrini Parish Community, will gather before our God.   As a community of prayer we hear the Story of Jesus Christ, give thanks and praise to an awesome God, ask forgiveness, profess a common belief in Jesus Christ, and dine at his Eucharistic Feast, so to be nourished and prepared for daily Christian living.

 How can I – A Saint Cabrini Parishioner, help at this awesome gathering of God’s people?

You may choose a ministry in liturgy, music, environment and art, depending upon the ways that God has gifted you, and how you feel called to share your gifts with your faith community here are St. Cabrini.

  • Liturgical Ministers:   The ministry or work of people at any official form of  public worship or ritual. These people serve as lectors, servers, Eucharistic ministers porters, and ministers of hospitality

  • Liturgical Music Ministers:   Sacred Music, pastorally ministered, gives thanks and praise to God and supports the Word, touching the hearts and souls of God’s people in sung prayer.   Ministers of Music serve as cantor, choir and instrumentalists.

  • Liturgical Ministers of Environment and Art:  Visually, aesthetically, and bodily our Roman Catholic Tradition embraces art and brings forth symbols, common gestures, postures and movement, furnishings and décor which create a tremendous impact upon us as we worship, further opening our hearts and minds to God. These people serve as Artisans, seamstresses, gardeners, floral designers and woodworkers.

 After feeling called to liturgical ministry, what should I do before making a commitment?

First and foremost – Pray! Talk with God, Enter into a discernment process.

Discuss your calling with your family, and those who depend upon your time.

Discuss the possibility with those in Parish leadership. They are able to recommend ways in which you might serve, and they know where the needs are.

Return to your Personal Prayer. Thank God for your gifts. Thank God for your call to serve. Thank God for your willingness to respond in love.

Will I receive the training and formation I need to serve effectively?

Canon 231 –1

Lay persons who devote themselves permanently or temporarily to some special service of the Church are obliged to acquire the appropriate formation which is required to fulfill their function properly and to carry it out conscientiously, zealously an diligently.

Liturgical Ministries


Individuals who are committed to the task of telling our community story, the story of salvation and in “proclaiming” the true and saving work of God. The Lector needs the ability to read well and to proclaim effectively.

Eucharistic Ministers

Individuals who will assist in the distribution of the Body and Blood, the Eucharist, serving the assembly with prayerful reverence and dignity.

Altar Servers (Acolytes)

Individuals who will assist our priests at Masses, funerals, baptisms and weddings.

Liturgical Environment

Talented people with knowledge of woodworking, metalworking, glass, ceramics, flower arranging or textiles (sewing, weaving, embroidery, or appliqué’) are needed on an on-call basis for special projects to enhance our worship space.

Minister of Hospitality: Greeter/Ushers

Individuals who are able to welcome visitors or newcomers, as well as our family and friends who join us for worship.


A porter arrives one hour before mass begins and prepares the worship space for liturgy and remains after the liturgy ends to turn off lights, set thermostats and lock doors.

St. Cabrini Choir

This group of singers supports the assembly’s worship through sung prayer. The choir ministers at the 9:30 a.m. Sunday mass each week. Rehearsals are on Thursday evenings at 6:30 p.m.


Piano, guitar, percussion, woodwinds, strings, brass - we are always in need of musicians to come forward to assist at various liturgies throughout the year. If you have talent and experience with an instrument and are willing to share your gifts, please contact James.

Cantor Ministry

Proclaiming the psalms in sung prayer is an important ministry in the church. During the liturgy, the cantor also has the role of leading the assembly’s sung prayer. The cantor’s voice must be pleasant and audible; their enunciation must be clear and distinct. Some basic knowledge of music is expected. An interview with the director of music will be a part of the formation process.  

Mass Schedule

Saturday: 4:00 p.m.

Sunday: 9:30 a.m.

Weekdays: 8:00 a.m. (Mon-Fri)

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